Local Brews. Local Vibes.

Ormond Brewing started because we did not have any other breweries, and we felt Ormond was ready for some craft beer culture.  In 2013 when we began building Ormond Brewing there was not any other breweries in a 60 mile radius of Ormond Beach! We became the birthplace! In its past, Ormond was a trend setting, record breaking kind of place.  In more recent years it has become sleepy, and there was no place locals could go to have a good pint of beer.  We thought that by starting a craft brewery, we would add culture and something interesting to Ormond, and hoped that it would allow us to support the community.   We have given back hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities within our communities through our beer donations and beer events.  Another aspect that is really important for us is job creation.  We are not just a bar, though we do operate a tasting room.  Our primary focus is as a manufacturer, and we produce thousands of gallons of beer per week that are sold all over the state. As of 2019 Ormond Brewing employs 12 locals, as well as supporting other local businesses.

Cheers, Share, Enjoy.

When You're Beer You're Family.

301 Division Ave #15, Ormond Beach, FL 32174